Hi! My name is Brandon Sonju. I am a Screenwriter and Independent Filmmaker currently between Phoenix, Arizona, and Los Angeles, California. I recently graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelors in Filmmaking Practices with a focus in Screenwriting.


My ultimate goal is twofold: to write Feature Films professionally -- and in that, share narratives that inspire and entertain the masses. 


 My experience in writing and filmmaking runs through a variety of genres - from action, experimental drama, comedy, and horror. On top of telling my own stories, I have assisted other local filmmakers craft theirs. This diversity of storytelling has allowed me to learn and overcome the different challenges of each respective genre, as well as develop my own style of Screenwriting.


Outside of my projects, I have years of experience writing coverage for different Production Companies. During this time, I have expanded my knowledge on what makes compelling storytelling work through reading countless scripts and scouring the news in search of potential narratives. 


I've also taken on various leadership roles to develop my skills beyond storytelling, as part of the ASU Film Association and the Herberger Institute's Leadership Fellows. Through my involvement with both respectively, I have developed as a communicator, organizer, and a professional. 


From a very young age, Television and Film have been huge influences on my life (queue home video of 5 year old me quoting Fat Bastard on my way to kindergarten), and that fire in me has only burned brighter as I have gotten older. I am always thinking of stories! 


I am so excited to continue this journey to becoming a professional screenwriter (completely foolproof right?). I can't wait to hear from you! 

Screenwriter. Storyteller. Hopeless addict to Letterboxd.


Want to know more about my projects, have inquiries, or simply want to bully me for my movie opinions? Email me here! 




Brandon Sonju is not only a pleasure to work with, but a necessity to work with. His narrative skills are kind of insane and I have learned so much from just watching him work. I came to him with a draft of a script, and when I asked him for feedback, he replied with notes as long as the script in less than 1 day. It’s one thing to have a passion for making films, but Brandon has a passion for story. His first priority is always story, and because of this, it made it so easy to rely on him. Whenever the stress got to me on set, Brandon had answers. In high-stress situations, answers are good. It also helps that he is very self-aware. I have learned more on set with Brandon than I have on any other set. 


- Joey DeBlanco, Director of The Pit



Brandon was a pleasure to work with. He had a clear vision of what he wants in the story. He has a willingness to collaborate with others - from the script, to production, to post-production. When you work with Brandon, you get the sense of love he has for film and storytelling. I would love to work with Brandon again in the future. 

- Michael Morrisroe, Director of 8 Ball